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As your Garden Coach, I can help you:

ID the existing plants in your yard, and advise you on what to move or remove

Choose plants for your unique yard conditions

Learn how to improve your soil and create new beds without digging

Find a "green" yard maintenance and gardening approach that suits your property, your lifestyle and also your wallet. 

Plan a short or long-term landscape design for your property

Visualize how your landscape could look, using custom photo designs of your property

Learn how to move and divide your perennials, and prune overgrown shrubs and trees.

More than 50 miles away? Contact me for a quote.

I specialize in gardens that attract

birds and butterflies, to help you and your kids reconnect with nature!

I can visit you just once or twice for some quick advice, or help you on an ongoing basis.

Garden Coaching


I'll visit your property, ID your existing plants, and provide a followup list of plant recommendations for your space. A typical visit is 1-2 hours. Free followup advice by phone or email.

$75/hour (within 10 miles of Spencer, MA)
$85/hour (10-20 miles from Spencer)
$100/hour (between 20-50 miles from Spencer)

All gardening is local! Gardening here in New England is a challenge, pitting you against the forces of nature, lots of critters who like to dine on your plants, and the latest exotic pest! It's tempting to resort to chemical warfare to keep your plants looking good. But a lawn and garden doesn't require chemicals or even a green thumb to be beautiful. I will help you set reasonable expectations for landscaping your property, based on its specific conditions, and suggest plants that will thrive in our changeable climate.