Douglas Tallamy, Professor of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at Univ. of Delaware & author of the best-selling book Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife Using Native Plants

"If you have ever wondered what you can do to slow -- or better yet, stop -- the deterioration of the natural world around us, Ellen Sousa’s “The Green Garden” is for you. If you want to enjoy a feeling of accomplishment, or feel empowered to improve the quality of your life as well as the lives of thousands of your fellow species, then read the “The Green Garden”. If you are eager to use your yard to remove tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, purify rain water, recharge your local aquifer, improve the water quality in your nearest stream, reduce your heating and cooling bills, build complex and stable food webs, enable ecosystem function, filter the air you breath, help prevent floods, moderate entire weather systems, and reconnect with the nature in act and spirit, while you are sustaining biodiversity, “The Green Garden” will guide you every step of the way."

George Africa, Vermont Flower Farm:

"A very special book that deserves attention..a worthy journey into garden planning and planting...Regardless of whether your gardens are well established or still on the drawing board, I know you will find Ellen Sousa's The Green Garden a friendly read that will leave you with a list of things to do as well as many, many good conversations with fellow gardeners. I know it has made me look at things differently and helped with lots of new ideas." Click to read entire review.

GreenWays Center for Environment and Community (Belfast, Maine):

"This beautiful and highly readable guide to ecological gardening and landscaping is one of the best overviews of the topic. The Green Garden is a great way to start learning how to make your yard and garden beautiful, chemical free, as well as a great place for wildlife and plants. Packed with excellent photos and useful planting lists."


Claudia Thompson, Executive Director of Grow Native Massachusetts

"A wonderful overall guide to gardening with the ecosystem in mind. Full of great photographs and practical, accessible information on the many aspects of habitat creation and stewardship. A great book for all gardeners."

North American Butterfly Association's Butterfly Gardener Magazine: 

"The Green reminiscent of a larger coffee table book. It is filled with lush color photographs, many of which are attributed to the author. The inside jacket advertises that the text is 'loaded with tips, ideas, and inspiration' and on this it does deliver. The book is divided into 17 short chapters so if one topic does not grab your interest, no worries, the next topic is introduced after just a few more beautiful photographs. Although the text just scratches the surface of each topic, the book would make a useful teaching tool if the topics and photos were used as a springboard to generate classroom or group discussions." Click to read entire review.

Shawna Coronado, Green Lifestyle Author and Media Personality: 

"Although focused on New England, Ellen's book is really a strong sustainable gardening book that I highly recommend..for native gardeners in northeastern United States."

K. Henderson, Scarborough, ME:

"This book is the sign of what is coming and/or is already here. Great information. A must-have for landscapers."

"...a comprehensive and holistic resource for why and how to enhance the ecological value of residential landscapes."

Reviews of The Green Garden

William Cullina, Executive Director of Coastal Maine Botanic Gardens and former Horticulture Director at New England Wild Flower Society:

"A comprehensive, engaging, and personal work that traces her own journey toward stewardship and tolerance while providing a clear and compelling road map for others embarking on this path."

Massachusetts Horticulture Society's Leaflet:

"The book is generous with lists of plants for every kind of soil and amount of sunlight. Far from focusing on just the suburban gardener, Ms. Sousa spreads her advice all around New England, helping the reader to manage forests and farms, to landscape near the shoreline and near freshwater ponds, streams and other wetlands, and to plant in small spaces, for example, on rooftops..." to read entire review

Marilyn K. Alaimo, Chicago Botanic Garden:

"Heavily illustrated with attractive photographs...manual on the importance of creating and maintaining grounds that support nature. The principles she cites...are applicable from forests to seasides and from small lots to farmlands..". click to read entire review

Coastal Home magazine:

"Stellar advice on everything from rethinking your lawn to landscaping near the coast...a primer on organic gardening; copious plant lists for every site, light, and soil condition; this book makes a good read for homeowners learning about eco-conscious landscaping and offers some tools for them to start..."

Pat Leuchtman, The Greenfield Recorder (MA):

"A browse through the final section of the book, Best Plants for New England Gardens, will show that a garden rich in native plants, one that welcomes birds, butterflies and beneficial insects can be as beautiful a garden as anyone could imagine...Sousa has done all the research, and made lists of plants appropriate to every situation from dry sun, to damp shade and bog so that everyone who wants to welcome birdsong and butterflies, those flowers of the air, to their garden, large or small, will know how to begin and how to carry on." click to read reprint of review

Joene Hendry, Connecticut NOFA-accredited Organic Land Care Professional at Joene's Garden:

"A wonderful of the books I will reach for time and again as I care for my property" Click to read entire review

"I highly recommend adding this book to your wildlife garden library. Filled with amazing wildlife garden photos and native plants. By applying the principles Ellen has so clearly laid out, you will soon have a garden full of life, and you will have helped to create a healthier planet." Click to read entire review

David Small, President of Athol Bird & Nature Club (MA):

"A wonderful combination of art, natural history and the philosophy of using native plants in our yards and gardens." 

"The Green Garden definitely deserves a place on your bookshelf. It's an invaluable resource for those who are just starting to create a habitat garden, as well as those of us who need a quick refresher every once in a while." Click to read entire review